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Roll out, tonight at 10:30PM on Comedy Central

My new answer to everything.



Here’s me being a silly goose in 2013, looking forward to more fun stuff this year :) 

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Bruno Mars Interview

From Oct 2012, my interview with Bruno Mars. This was just a few days before he kicked butt on SNL and right before Unorthodox Jukebox was released to the world. We chat about musical influences, working with Alicia Keys, touring with Janelle Monae and why Quentin Tarantino should give him a call. Plus: Converse…with heels. 

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Chris Hemsworth Interview

Sharing my interview with Chris Hemsworth mostly because you can’t turn anywhere without reading about some kind of Hemsworth and well, now I’m contributing to that. This is our chat from June 2012, the day before Snow White and the Huntsman came out. We chat about his adorable baby, karaoke with the Avengers and for some reason food comes up a lot? Enjoy, although you will simultaneously love him and also wonder how someone that hot can actually have a personality too. But it’s happened so just accept it. I have. 

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In case you want to celebrate the end of Breaking Bad with a little flashback to July 2011, this Aaron Paul interview will forever be one of my favorites. Know that my knees were shaking the entire time I am fangirling on him. This was right before season 4, before the Ciroc commercials and certainly before we knew there was an end date on the series. Jesse Pinkman forever. 

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There’s no one like Shailene Woodley. Listening back to this I remember being SO impressed with how smart, articulate and awesome she is. We talk incredibly important world things such as hair tips, flashmobs, The O.C., and of course: George Clooney. Can’t wait to see her in The Spectacular Now this weekend, but can only hope it’s as enjoyable as this chunk of time I got to chat with her last year. 

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Taylor Schilling Interview

Look, I know I talk about “The Lucky One” a lot, but now that you’re all obsessed with Taylor Schilling in “Orange is the new Black” maybe you care a little bit more? If not, seriously, see TLO and then tell me you still don’t care. It’s a fantastic piece of cinema. 

Here’s my interview with Taylor the day before The Lucky One came out last year. We talk all about the movie, her co-stars, Nicholas Sparks, all the bra talk that happened to promote the movie and what that shower scene with Zac Efron was really like. Taylor - thank you for being honest. 

She’s the greatest. I’m only a few episodes in so no OITNB spoilers por favor, but enjoy this in the mean time. 

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Let’s all bow down to the lady that locked down Channing Tatum. Jenna is the cutest and this interview cements her in girl crush status. We talk about her time as a backup dancer for *Nsync, Janet and randomly Celine Dion. Plus in between talking about “10 Years” and how she really feels about Channing’s goatee in the movie, we fit in some Step Up talk and high school & prom memories. Adorable. And seriously, revisit the original Step Up soundtrack if you haven’t in a while because there are some JAMS. 

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Richie Sambora interview

My interview with Richie Sambora from last fall! We talk about his projects including solo album “Aftermath of the Lowdown” and fashion line Nikki Rich. Plus, Richie talks about touring with Bon Jovi and the music his daughter is turning him on to. Super fun! 

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Ed Sheeran interview

Ed Sheeran is a cool dude. And not just because he makes the best “Friends” reference ever in this interview. We chat about why he’s not cut out to be a skater, why days off from touring make him sick, his future rap career and man crushes of course.